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The private paternity test is ideal
for families who need to know the truth regarding paternity for personal knowledge, or want to find out the truth before deciding what to do next.
Ideal for dads who have some
doubt about the paternity of their child, and wants to check to make sure that the children are his.
Suitable for mothers who need to
know who is the father of her child
Adult children who need to find
out who their true biological parents are.
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DNA Paternity Test
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 Premium Motherless DNA Paternity Test
 (for child and alleged father)

$79 47% off (previously $150)
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 Premium DNA Paternity Test
 (for mother, child, and alleged father)

Complete testing cost: $125
(for orders placed after September 1, 2012)

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Accuracy should be your #1 concern when ordering a DNA paternity test. There are two types of private DNA paternity tests currently offered in the market, an economy DNA paternity test and a premium DNA paternity test. The SwabTest DNA Paternity Test is a premium DNA test which guarantees greater than 99.9% for paternity inclusions and 100% for paternity exclusions. Be careful when choosing a DNA paternity test to ensure that you are going to receive conclusive paternity test results.
How many genetic locations are examined?
When a DNA test is performed, the DNA laboratory examines many different genetic locations ("loci") and compares the loci of the child with the loci of the alleged father. The more loci that are examined, the more accurate the test becomes. Using the latest technology, the current standard in America is to examine at least 16 different loci for your test. At Genex, we guarantee that all 16 genes are tested, and in the final report, we will list each locus and give you the exact DNA information for each individual tested. However, not all laboratories examine all 16 genes. Some smaller labs do not have the technology to examine so many locations, and will only examine 5 or 6 genes. Many labs will cut corners and examine less than 16 genes in order to save money and increase profit. Because most patients do not know this, most patients simply rely on the laboratory, and do not ask how many genes are tested. As a result, many laboratories cut corners and examine only 12 genes or even as few as 6 genes. Remember, the more genes that are examined, the more accurate and high quality the test becomes. The danger of cutting corners and examining less genes is that you may not get the correct result. Always ensure that the laboratory examines all 16 genes to ensure that you will receive conclusive results. Always make sure that the laboratory guarantees that it will write down on your final report document the name and data for every locus tested to ensure that you receive the results for every single locus.
How many times does the laboratory perform your test?
Many reputable laboratories, including Genex, guarantees that your entire test is run two times before the documents are released to ensure 100% accuracy. This is an expensive procedure, and usually only large laboratories with the proper equipment will run the tests two times. This means that all 16 genes are tested two times, with identical results each time before results are released. Most smaller laboratories only run the test one time. As a result, the tests may not be as reliable. So far, the policy to run the test two times is optional, and not all laboratories participate in this important quality control protocol.
Is the test performed by a qualified Ph.D scientist?
At Genex, all tests are overseen by highly qualified and experienced doctoral level Ph.D scientists. Genex has multiple Ph.D staff that ensure the quality control of the tests which are performed. The Ph.D scientists oversee all tests in the laboratory and review all reports before they are released. Many smaller labs are not operated by Ph.D level scientists. To cut costs, some laboratories do not hire Ph.D staff, or do not have Ph.D staff which oversees the tests and reviews the documents. Genex's staff are all highly qualified molecular biologists, and our testing laboratory is run by Ph.D scientists.
What is an Economy DNA Paternity Test?
Economy DNA Paternity Tests are usually offered by "free kit" suppliers and resellers. Suppliers of free kits will provide cheap cotton swabs up front, but will ask you to pay a very high price when you send the samples back for testing. Also, the quality of the testing is often very low. Economy DNA Paternity Tests will guarantee 100% for paternity exclusions but only 99+% for paternity inclusion. 99% is equivalent to a CPI (Combined Paternity Index) of only 100. The higher the CPI value, the more accurate and thorough the paternity test. When an economy DNA paternity test is performed, fewer genetic loci are tested, so there is a greater likelihood that the paternity test is not powerful enough to provide the correct answer. As a result, a man who is not the true biological father of a child has a greater possibility of being provided with a test report that incorrectly suggests that he is the true father of the child. It is not uncommon for an individual to take an economy paternity test and be provided with an answer that he is the father of the child, and then re-perform a higher quality test which guarantees a CPI of greater than 10000 (>99.99%) and find out that he is in fact not the true biological father of the child. An economy test always involves the testing on only 13 or less genetic locations (not all 16 locations are tested).
What is a Premium DNA Paternity Test?
Premium DNA Paternity Tests are the most conclusive DNA paternity tests offered and are at least 100 times more accurate than economy paternity tests. All 16 DNA loci are examined when a Premium DNA Paternity Test is performed in order to provide a guarantee of 100% for paternity exclusions and greater than 99.9% for paternity inclusions. 99.9% is equivalent to a CPI of 1000 (that's ten-fold more accurate than a CPI of 100). Premium DNA paternity tests are much more powerful and thorough than economy paternity tests and will be able to detect a paternity exclusion which is not detectable using the economy paternity test. When ordering a DNA paternity test, ensure that the laboratory guarantees greater than 99.9% for paternity inclusions to ensure that you are receiving conclusive results.

The SwabTest DNA paternity test is a Premium DNA Test which guarantees 100% for paternity exclusions and greater than 99.9% for paternity inclusions.

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Do not be fooled by "free" kits. DNA testing is a very serious matter which may affect the rest of your life. Some companies offer "free" cotton swabs in an envelope along with a payment application form for low quality testing. Patients often do not carefully check the quality of the test that will be performed on the samples.

There are currently two very different types of paternity tests in the market: standard 99% tests, and premium 99.9% tests. Standard tests provide only 99% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions. Premium tests provide 99.9% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions. Premium 99.9% tests are at least 10x more powerful than economy 99% tests and can involve testing many additional regions of the gene. Economy 99% tests are often not powerful enough to provide the correct answer. Do not be fooled. The extra 0.9% makes a huge difference in the accuracy of your paternity test.

Laboratories frequently mislead patients by stating that they "perform" or "regularly generate" 99.9% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions, but if you look at the fine print, you will notice that they will only guarantee 99% for inclusions. Always look for the written guarantee. Ensure that the laboratory provides a written money back guarantee of >99.9% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions to ensure that you will receive conclusive results.

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