Benefits of Choosing SwabTest

Why Choose SwabTest?

100% Money Back Accuracy Guarantee

Genex guarantees greater than 99.9% for inclusions and 100% for exclusions. All tests are run two times to ensure conclusive results. All tests are performed by certified Ph.D level doctors using the latest PCR technology and the full genetic report, DNA profile, and laboratory data are provided with each test.

Greatest Flexibility

If you have a special request (e.g. split kit for testing in two different cities) or if you are in a special situation, contact us at 1-844-687-5958 and our technical staff will be able to assist you.

Test Kit Guarantee

Genex provides a 100% guarantee for its testing kits. Even if you lose or damage the kit, Genex will replace it immediately at no cost.

16 Loci Premium Test Guarantee

The accuracy of a DNA test depends on the number of genes which are examined. The more locations that are examined, the more accurate the test becomes. Genex guarantees all 16 gene locations are tested.

Unlike lower quality tests offered by smaller labs, Genex guarantees that all 16 genetic locations are examined for the twin test. Because fraternal twins often have very similar genetic material, it is important for you to ensure that all 16 genetic locations are tested to ensure conclusive results. Most smaller labs do not state how many genes are tested unless you ask because they will cut corners and test only 12 or less genetic locations.

Superior Customer Service

Genex guarantees complete client support throughout every stage of the testing process. Genex is one of the largest testing laboratories in the world and our reputation for the best quality testing is unparalleled. We guarantee that whether you proceed with our legal or our private test, you will receive conclusive results with no hassle. We are here to help you and we are confident that with our experience, technology, and dedication to customer care, we will make this experience as easy for you as possible.

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