Food Sensitivity Test

Test for the presence of antibodies to determine potential food sensitivities.



This food sensitivity test measures how your immune system responds to the presence of specific proteins from food. This test may be particularly beneficial to those who experience symptoms such as headaches, stomach pain and other digestive symptoms after consuming certain foods. Food groups identified in this test as reactive can be used to develop an elimination diet to rule out potential food suspects.

Who should take this test?

You should consider this test if:
• You are struggling with unexplained skin issues
• You experience digestive symptoms
• You are looking to try an elimination diet
• You are interested in understanding more about your digestive health
• You suspect you may be sensitive to some foods

What’s included?

This test measures IgG antibody reactivity to foods and food components. Your report will group foods into low reactivity, moderate reactivity and high reactivity categories based on IgG reactivity. Foods found in the highly reactive category may contribute to your digestive issues and are ideal candidates for an elimination diet. This is not an allergy test. It also does not test for lactose intolerance or celiac disease.

Why consider the Food Sensitivity Test?

  • Unexplained digestive issues
  • Skin issues
  • Trying out an elimination diet
  • Suspect possible food


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This test is ideal for those who may experience digestive issues and are looking to start an elimination diet.

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