Guaranteed DNA Test Accuracy

100% Money Back Guarantee

Our patients can rest assured with our full 100% money back guarantee for our paternity testing services. Using the latest DNA testing technology, our state-of-the-art facility consistently provides the highest standards in DNA testing: 99.999% or greater for inclusions and 100% for exclusions.

If our laboratory does not achieve the guaranteed level of accuracy of >99.999% for inclusion and 100% for exclusion for a paternity test (mother, child, alleged father) or greater than 99.9% for inclusion and 100% for exclusion for a motherless paternity test (child, alleged father), the patient's money will be fully refunded.

This level is greater than the most stringent court acceptability levels which are only 98% to 99.0%. This guarantee is for standard cases. In unique situations such as cases where the alleged fathers are relatives (e.g. brothers), or in cases where the father carries a mutation in his own DNA in the region of testing, Genex cannot guarantee the probability of paternity.

Mutations are rare, but do occur randomly in nature. In the event that a probable mutation is detected, Genex will report the location of the probable mutation in your final DNA report. For motherless tests which involve a mutation, it may be helpful to test the mother if your probability of paternity is lower than 99.0%, however, additional charges may apply to have the mother tested if she was not originally involved in the test.

However, in all situations, Genex will guarantee that all 16 genetic locations are tested to ensure the greatest level of accuracy possible in the industry to ensure peace of mind for all clients.

Beware of Misleading DNA Laboratories!

Some DNA laboratories may mislead patients by stating that they "perform a 99.999% test" but in fine print indicate that they "only guarantee an economy 99% test". Always look for a written guarantee.

Ensure that the laboratory provides a money back guarantee and full assurance that the 16 loci test is performed. Genex automatically tests all 16 genetic locations for every paternity test. Many laboratories test only 9 or less genetic locations and do not test all 16. 16 loci genetic tests are called "premium" tests because they offer the highest level of discrimination in the industry. Because all 16 genetic locations are tested, the probability of paternity achieved is well about the 98% or 99.0% required for court admissibility in North America.

For tests involving the mother, child, and alleged father, the 16 loci test routinely generates a probability of paternity of 99.999% or higher. For a motherless test involving the child and alleged father, the 16 loci test routinely generates a probability of paternity of 99.9% or higher. Because Genex runs all 16 loci or more for every paternity test, we can offer our clients a guarantee of greater than 99.999% for a test involving the mother and greater than 99.9% for motherless testing.