DNA Weight Loss Test

Maintain a healthy weight with the help of your DNA. Find out if you carry genetic variants linked to obesity risk with this simple DNA test.



Obesity has become a serious public health challenge in the 21st century. Excessive weight gain puts individuals at risk of health problems such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, liver disease and cancer. An individual’s genetic makeup has been linked to differences in eating habits, metabolism, and their response to exercise, all of which may influence the ability to maintain a healthy weight. This DNA test can help you identify your genetic risk, so you can optimize your diet and exercise routine to achieve your weight loss goals.

Benefits of this test

The comprehensive report will provide you with genetic insights on

  • Eating habits to help with scheduling meals
  • Ability to lose weight with exercise
  • Most effective ways to lose weight and to keep it off
  • How your metabolism influences weight loss

What’s tested?

Genetic variants can influence an individual’s body weight, and how they respond to specific diets and exercise plans. Variants in the following genes are included in this test:
• MC4R – disrupts appetite suppression
• NMB – associated with food disinhibition
• FTO – influences energy intake, diet impact and satiety
• SH2B1 – interrupts a satiety hormone signalling pathway
• BDNF – influences exercise motivation
• ADRB2 – affects weight loss in response to exercise
• APOA2 – alters saturated fat metabolism
• FABP2 – increases fatty acid uptake
• CLOCK – disrupts the normal circadian rhythm
• AMY1 – reduces the ability to digest starch
• ADIPOQ – disrupts normal glucose regulation

Remedy the risk

Genetic makeup plays a role in the development of obesity. Being overweight increases the risk of diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and liver disease.

Take action early on by establishing a healthy diet and exercise routine to counteract your genetic risk of obesity.


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