Wanderlust Gene Test

Do you have the “wanderlust” gene? Find out if your love for travel and thrill seeking is in your DNA.



The “wanderlust” gene is a genetic variation of the DRD4 gene. The DRD4 gene encodes the dopamine receptor D4, which binds dopamine and transmits its signal in the brain. Dopamine is a chemical made in the brain that gives us feelings of reward and pleasure. People with the “wanderlust” gene produce a receptor that does not bind dopamine effectively and are less sensitive to dopamine. As a result, they require higher levels of dopamine to achieve the “feel good” effects. It is possible that those with the “wanderlust” gene utilize novelty seeking and risk-taking behaviors to boost dopamine levels to achieve the “feel good” effect they are constantly seeking. Uncover if you have the “wanderlust” gene with this DNA test.

The “Wanderlust” Gene

The “wanderlust” gene variant occurs in a region of the DRD4 gene that is repeated between 2 to 11 times. The repeats can be referred to as 2R, 3R, 4R, 7R, etc. The “wanderlust” gene DNA test established the length of repeats in this region.

Inheriting at least one copy of the gene with more than 7 repeats (7R, 8R, 9R, 10R and 11R) is linked to travel, exploration and discovering new foods, places, and people.

Do you constantly daydream about your next adventure while sitting at your desk? Or are you someone with an insatiable appetite for travelling, exploring, trying exotic foods, and just love the thrill of discovery? If you answer was yes, you may have the “wanderlust” gene.


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