Terms and Conditions

Each private DNA test includes one free kit, one free mailed report and one free email report. The service includes testing the sample collected by the client in accordance to the protocol outlined in the kit. Once the test is completed, the service includes sending the results document to the address indicated by the client and an email address indicated by the client (if required).

Additional Services:

  • Extra Kits: $20 US
  • Extra Reports (ordered before test completed): $10 US
  • Extra Email Reports (ordered before test completed): $5 US
  • Extra Reports (ordered after test completed): $50 US
  • Extra Email Reports (ordered after test completed): $50 US
  • Retrieving files from archive: $20 US
  • Telephone consultation/telephone results: $15 US (up to 10 minutes)
  • Expert Ph.D testimony: $260 US/hr
  • FFFL: $60 US
  • Recollection: $65 US for one person, $85 US for two persons

Receiving Samples:

Samples must be returned within 3 months of the initial order date (unless otherwise specified). After 3 months, the file will be archived. There is a $50 charge to re-activate the file for samples received after 3 months.

Extra Kits:

In the event that you lose or damage your kit, there is a charge of $15 for an extra replacement kit (plus $5 for regular shipping or $20 for express shipping).

Test Results:

The testing cost includes 1 free copy of the results by mail (includes regular shipping) and 1 free copy of the results by email.

Extra mail copies are $10 US per copy and extra email copies are $5 US per copy if ordered at the same time that the kit is ordered. Once the test is completed and the file is archived, extra copies are $50 US per copy by mail or $50 US per copy by email. The cost for receiving results by phone is $5 US (only with valid password and ID number).

Paternity Index:

The results of the test indicate whether the tested man is the true biological father of the child by comparing the child’s profile to the alleged father’s profile.

16 STR loci are tested for each individual. The 16 loci test will generally provide >99.999% for trio inclusion (mother, child, alleged father), 100% for trio exclusion, >99.9% for motherless paternity testing inclusions, and 100% for motherless paternity test exclusions. The 16 loci Identifiler test is run for all casework. If less than 16 loci show up due to sample conditions, only the loci which meet acceptability criteria will be reported and the test will show >99% for inclusions, and 100% for exclusions.

Turnaround Time:

The routine turnaround time for paternity testing is from the date that the specimen is received by the laboratory. As with any biological testing, some exceptions may occur. The typical reasons for extended testing are:

  • Poor sample quality. If the swab submitted to the laboratory has low amounts of DNA due to improper sample collection or poor mouth conditions (e.g. excessive drinking, chewing gum, dry mouth, heavy smoking, etc.), the turnaround time may increase or a recollection may be required.
  • Mutation. If a mutation is detected in the genes shared by the alleged father and child, additional testing may be required.
  • Low paternity index. If the genes shared by the alleged father and the child are very common, a low paternity index may be obtained. In such a situation, additional testing may be required and will result in an increased turnaround time.
  • Incest or related alleged fathers. In cases of incest (i.e. where the alleged father is also the father or brother of the mother), or in cases where two or more possible fathers of the same child are closely related to each other (i.e. where the possible fathers of the child are father and son pairs or brothers), additional testing and analysis may be required and will result in an increased turnaround time.

The #1 priority of the laboratory is the quality of the testing and the absolute accuracy of the results. The 3 to 5 day turnaround time cannot be guaranteed if an exception is encountered, and the laboratory will not under any circumstances sacrifice the quality of the test in order to speed up the turnaround time.

Non-Compliant Samples:

Discovered Prior to Testing:

If we discover prior to testing that your samples are non-compliant because you did not follow the collection instructions (e.g. swabs in bag, mouldy swabs, insufficient number of swabs), we will attempt to notify you by Email, and ask you whether you would like us to proceed with testing the noncompliant sample or whether you would like to recollect your sample.

  • If you choose to proceed and test the non-compliant sample, there is no guarantee regarding the quality of the results or whether any results can be obtained. The results will be reported “as is”. There will be a $85 US charge per person if a resample or retest is required.
  • If you choose to recollect the sample, the replacement kit is $20 US (plus shipping), and will allow you to repeat the sample collection.
  • If we do not have an email on file for you, or if we do not receive a response from you within 2 days after the notification email is sent, we will proceed with testing the non-compliant sample under the terms specified above.

If you forgot to sign your consent form, there is a $10 US Processing Fee per individual to send another consent form to you for faxing back. Written reports and emails cannot be released without a signed consent form.

Discovered after testing has been completed:

If we find out during or after testing has been completed that your sample is non-compliant because you did not follow the instructions or if the samples have been deliberately tampered with, the file will be closed and a report will be sent out “as is”. If additional testing is requested, the full cost of the test will be charged.

Forensic Samples:

The cost for testing forensic samples (e.g. toothbrush, hair, stains, etc.) is $180 per sample. There is no guarantee that the forensic sample will work. If the forensic sample contains sufficient intact DNA, a profile will be obtained to complete the analysis. However, if the forensic sample contains an insufficient amount of DNA, degraded DNA, or no DNA at all, then a profile cannot be obtained, but the $180 charge will still apply.

Consultation and Expert Testimony:

The charge for consultation (discussion of results by telephone) is $15 US per consultation up to 10 minutes. If the file has been archived for over 6 months, the consultation charge is $20 to retrieve the file from archive and $15 US for the consultation (up to 10 minutes). Consultation is $15 US regardless of whether the consultation takes up the full 10 minutes. Each additional 10 minute package is $15 US and must be paid in full prior to the consultation.

Expert Ph.D. consultation or expert testimony is $260 US/hr per hour (30 minute minimum charge). The daily rate is $2240 US and travel rates to attend court proceedings are $150 US per hour plus travel expenses.


Mutations are rare, but are detected in approximately one in 500 men. If a mutation is detected in the DNA of an individual tested, it may sometimes not be possible to obtain a conclusive result. The mutation will be indicated in the results report and the report will be issued “as is”. In the case of a motherless test, you have the option to test the mother for $60 US to increase the resolution of the test. The resolution of the test can also be increased by running an FFFL test for $60 US per person. In such situations, the additional testing may be able to achieve a conclusive result in mutation cases but there is no guarantee. If the child is male, you will also have the option to order a Y-DNA test to help resolve the mutation situation.

Change of Address or Incorrect Address:

If an incorrect address was provided in the order form or if the address has been changed, and as a result, the kit or results documents have to be re-delivered, $20 US (plus shipping) will be charged for a replacement kit and $10 US will be charged for another report.


Upon receipt of the sample, the samples are immediately tested. If the results indicate an incomplete profile or insufficient DNA, a second test is automatically performed on the remaining swabs at no charge. If the second test also indicates insufficient DNA then a recollection is required. Improper sample collection or the submission of suboptimal samples may result in delays in testing and/or sample recollection and increased testing time. If a recollection is required, the recollected sample must be blood (finger prick). A number of factors could lead to recollection, including non-adherence to the collection protocol, lack of loose cells in the mouth, bacteria, fungus, etc. A finger prick collection kit will be sent by regular airmail. A $65 US charge will apply for one individual to be recollected, a $85 US charge will apply for two persons to be recollected. If a swab recollection is recollected, a $85 US charge will apply per person. If a recollection is declined the report can be sent as is to the client. All files will be put on hold until the “Recollection Request Form” has been completed and signed by the client and returned to the Laboratory.

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