Male Pair-Bonding Gene AVPR1A Test

Do you have the “male pair-bonding” gene?

This DNA test detects the AVPR1A gene variant linked to social behavior. Found out if your ability to form strong social relationships may be influenced by your genes.



The “male pair-bonding” gene is a genetic variant of the AVPR1A gene, which provides instructions to make the vasopressin receptor A1 protein. Vasopressin is a hormone with a role in many physiological processes. It is primarily known for regulating water balance and blood pressure. Vasopressin also plays a role in social behaviors. In individuals with the “male pair-bonding” gene this signalling is disrupted, which may explain their inability to form strong social bonds with their partners.

There is no evidence that RS3 334 variant impacts sexual behavior in women. A set of other APVR1A variants are linked to cheating in women, which is detected in the Female Infidelity Gene AVPR1A test.

The “male pair-bonding” gene

The “male pair bonding” gene results from changes in the DNA near the AVPR1A gene. The RS3 variant is detected in this test. A specific repeat number of RS3, known as RS3 334, is associated with pair-bonding in men.

According to studies men with RS3 334 version of AVPR1A or the “male pair-bonding” gene are less likely to form strong bonds with their partners. They are more likely to cohabitate and partners of men with RS3 334 report feeling less affection in their relationships.

Uncover what your AVPR1a genotype is with this DNA test. This test is not intended to predict infidelity with certainty, as many other factors besides genetics likely play a role in infidelity.


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