Frequently Asked Questions

DNA Testing & DNA Testing Kits

Relationship DNA testing (e.g. paternity, sibling, grandparentage) is completed within 1-2 business days. Results are released immediately once the testing is completed.

The samples are collected quickly and painlessly using buccal swabs (mouth swabs). The swabs are rubbed gently inside the mouth against the cheek to collect buccal cells. Buccal cells contain an abundance of DNA which is used for genetic testing.

If you choose express shipping, your testing kit will arrive within 1 to 2 business days. If you choose regular shipping, your kit will arrive within approximately 5 business days. Please note additional costs and shipping time may apply for international addresses.

If the parties to be tested live in different cities, we can split the kit and send each component to a separate address. To order a split kit, please enter the following into the comments box of the order form at the time that your order is placed: “Please split this kit. Send the alleged father’s portion of the kit to (specify alleged father’s name and address) and send the child’s portion of the kit to (specify the child’s name and address)”.

The test can be taken at any age, including newborns.

As soon as your test is completed, you will be able to log into your secure online dashboard to download and view your results.  

Testing the mother is optional. The DNA paternity test can be performed without testing the mother.

The test report is released immediately once the test is complete. If you have chosen email as the method for receiving your results, you will receive your results report by email immediately once your test is complete. If you have chosen to receive your results by mail, your test report will be mailed to you once the test is completed.

The kits do not have an expiration date so you can use them at any time. However, once the samples are collected, the samples must be send back to the laboratory for testing as soon as possible.

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