DNA Fitness Test

Maximize the benefits from your workout by tailoring your routine to match your DNA. This DNA test detects variants linked to athletic ability and physical fitness.



DNA fitness testing is a relatively new field of research that looks at how athletic ability and physical fitness are influenced by an individual’s genetic makeup. Studies in this field have identified genetic variants prevalent among athletes and show that these variants differ between endurance athletes and power athletes. Other variants linked to athletic ability, response to exercise, risk of soft tissue injuries and pain tolerance have also been identified.

Identifying variants in your DNA can guide you with identifying athletic activities that are best suited for you. Take this test to create a personalized exercise plan that will help you get the most out of your routine.

Why consider this test?

Take this DNA test to uncover:
More about your endurance profile – ability to burn fat for energy, oxygen delivery to muscles, and more
Exercises routines that may be most beneficial for your muscle type
Your risk of injuries including Achilles tendinopathy
Your ability to tolerate pain

What is included in this test?

Genetic variants can influence athletic ability, response to exercise, injury risk and pain tolerance. With this DNA test, you will have the opportunity to create a personalized exercise plan to get the most benefit out of your workout.

Variants Affecting Endurance:

  • PPARD – burning fat for energy
  • VEGFA – blood vessel formation to improve oxygen supply
  • ACE – blood pressure regulation and muscle efficiency
  • ADRB2 – turning off the fight or flight response
  • PPARA – slow-twitch versus fast-twitch muscle fibres

Exercise response is influenced by genetic variations of:

  • PPARGC1A – aerobic capacity improvements
  • PPARD – increases in “good”
  • HDL-cholesterol
  • MCT1 – ability to use lactate as an energy source

Variants Affecting Muscular Strength:

  • ACVR1B – muscle signalling cascade that controls muscle mass and muscle strenght
  • IL6 – messenger molecule and contributes to muscle growth

Variants Affecting Power:

  • ACTN3 – the “sprinter” gene
  • AGT – blood pressure regulation and growth hormone levels

Other variants tested

  • BDNF – exercise motivation
  • CRP – heart rate recovery
  • COL1A1 – risk of soft tissue injury
  • COL5A1 – risk of Achilles tendinopathy
  • COMT – pain tolerance and required morphine dose


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