Female Infidelity Gene AVPR1A Test

Do you have the “female infidelity” gene?
This DNA test detects the AVPR1a gene variant linked to social behavior. Found out if you may be genetically predisposed to cheating.


What is the “female infidelity” gene?

The “female infidelity” gene test detects genetic variants in the AVPR1a gene linked to social bonding and monogamy. The AVPR1a gene provides instructions to make vasopressin receptor 1a, which binds vasopressin and transmits this signal into cells. Vasopressin is a hormone that controls water retention and blood pressure. However, when released in the brain vasopressin can influence social behavior.

In women who inherit the “female infidelity” variant vasopressin signalling is disrupted. This may explain why women with this version of the gene are more likely to engage in extra-pair mating or cheating.

There is no evidence that the five variants included in this test impacts sexual behavior in men. Another APVR1a variant is linked to infidelity in men, which is detected in the Male Pair-Bonding Gene AVPR1A test.

What is included?

This DNA test detects 5 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in the AVPR1a gene. These variants are linked to an increased likelihood of infidelity in women.

  • rs10877970
  • rs10877969
  • rs3021529
  • rs11174811
  • rs1587097

Uncover what your AVPR1a genotype is with this DNA test. This test is not intended to predict infidelity with certainty, as many other factors besides genetics likely play a role in infidelity.


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