DNA Testing for Legal Cases

"Chain-of-Custody" DNA Testing

If you are using the results for personal knowledge, you are able to discreetly collect the samples yourself using the home collection kit. Most clients choose the private test if they need to know the truth before deciding what step to take next. However, if you are currently in a legal dispute and need the results for court, you are required to attend an appointment for fingerprinting and photography. These identification procedures are required for proper "chain-of-custody" which is mandatory for legal testing.

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Step 1 - Arrange for an Appointment

Arrange for an appointment for legal testing by contacting Genex directly at 1-844-687-5958. Genex's DNA coordinators will help you to arrange an appointment for sample collection at a location which is convenient for all parties involved. Genex has over 200 collection sites across the US.

Step 2 - Prepare for the Identification Procedure

On the day of the appointment, you will be required to bring the following: Legal photo identification (e.g. drivers license or passport) and Social Insurance Card or other identification.

Genex follows strict identification procedures during the time of your appointment. During the appointment, all patients are positively identified by a rigorous identification procedure:

  • All patients are required to bring photo identification to their appointments. For children, a birth certificate or health care card.
  • A Polaroid picture of the patient is taken during sample collection. The patient is required to sign and date the bottom of the photograph.
  • A right thumbprint is obtained from all patients during their appointment. For infants, a right footprint is obtained for identification purposes.

Please note that these identification procedures are required only if you are using the results in court. If you need the results of the test for private knowledge only, and will not be using them in court, you can choose the private home test.

The strict-chain-of-custody procedures are required to ensure that the identity of all patients can be verified. The strict identification procedures allows different members to attend appointments at different times or even in different cities. Immediately after sample collection, strict chain of custody procedures are followed to ensure the integrity of the specimen during transport and processing.

Step 3 - Wait for Results

The average turnaround time for DNA paternity testing is 1 to 3 business days from the day that our laboratory receives the samples. Full payment for the DNA testing services must be received before the results are released. For legal testing, detailed results are sent to the individual requesting the DNA test unless otherwise requested. Results will only be released to individuals with proper written authorization.