DNA Forensic Test

*Pricing includes all result documents.

Laboratory Direct Pricing: $250 USD for Complete DNA Forensic Test

*Results in 3 to 6 weeks. Express next business day 24 hour shipping available.

The most popular and reliable method to collect samples for DNA testing is the buccal swab collection method. Buccal swab collection is quick and painless and is recommended as the best method for sample collection for all Genex clients.

However, in cases where a buccal swab sample cannot be obtained (e.g. individual is missing, deceased, or unable to participate) a forensic sample can be submitted to Genex for testing. The cost for testing a forensic sample is $250 USD for each forensic sample. However, because the quality of the DNA in a forensic sample cannot be guaranteed, there is a chance that if the DNA in the sample that you submit is degraded or insufficient, we may not be able to obtain useful information, but the charge will still apply.

Examples of samples which are commonly submitted to our laboratory for testing include:

  • Dried blood stains (e.g. dried blood on bandages, on tissue, cotton, or paper)
  • Dried underwear stains (e.g. stains on underwear, pads, tampons, diapers)
  • Dried semen stains (e.g. stains on tissue, underwear)
  • Dried saliva stains (e.g. cigarette butts, stamps, stains on clothing or napkins)
  • Hair (hair works very well if it is plucked directly from the head. Hair which has fallen off natural on hair brushes or pillows may work but is not as good as freshly plucked hair. Cut hair will not work. Hair must have root)
  • Razors shavings from electric razor (fingernail clippings will not work)
  • Bone, teeth, tissue (from deceased individual)

Any sample which contains biological material has a chance of working. If you have any questions in regards to your situation, please call Genex directly.

Types of Forensic Tests

Relationship Test

In the event that one or more individuals cannot participate in a relationship test (e.g. paternity test), a forensic sample can be used in place of a buccal swab sample. The total cost for a relationship test will be the cost of the identity test plus $250 USD for each forensic sample (for example, to conduct a paternity test with a standard swab sample from the child, but a forensic sample from the alleged father, the cost would be $250 USD for the paternity test plus an extra $250 USD for one forensic sample).

Sex Test

A DNA forensic test can be used to determine the sex and number of individuals in a stain. This type of testing is often used to check for infidelity. For example, this test can determine whether male DNA is present on a stain. This test can also determine whether a stain contains the DNA of only one person, or more than one person.

Identity Match

Two samples can be tested and compared to see if they came from the same person.


Step 1 - Order the Test

Call Genex directly to discuss your situation. Please indicate the type of forensic sample you have, the type of testing you would like to conduct, and any other relevant information and questions. If our laboratory determines that your forensic sample can be tested, we will send the Forensic Testing Application Form and Sample Submission Form to you by e-mail.

Step 2 - Send the Completed Application and Sample Submission Form

If you decide to proceed with testing, please complete the forms and then send the completed forms together with the forensic sample directly to Genex for testing.

Step 3 - Wait for Results

Results of testing are available approximately 7 to 9 working days from the day that we receive your samples.