DNA Grandparentage Test

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In situations where the alleged father is unavailable for testing (e.g. alleged father is deceased or unwilling to participate), the alleged father's parents can be tested to determine whether they are the true biological grandparents of the child. When conducting a grandparentage test, it is recommended to test both grandparents (the grandmother and the grandfather) in order to obtain the most conclusive results. If this is not possible, a grandparentage test can be conducted by testing only one grandparent.

The grandparentage test is not as powerful as the paternity test and as a result, you should proceed with grandparentage testing only if it is impossible to conduct a paternity test (e.g. alleged father deceased, or unavailable for testing.). Please read the information below to understand the benefits and limitations of grandparentage testing before proceeding.

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Types of Grandparentage Test

Testing the Grandmother, Grandfather, and the Grandchild

When both grandparents are available for testing, there is a higher chance that you will receive informative results. When both of the alleged father's parents are available for testing, the laboratory will examine the genetic profile of both grandparents and then use the genetic information of the grandparents to reconstruct the genetic information of the missing alleged father. Once the alleged father's genetic information is reconstructed, a paternity analysis will be conducted by comparing the reconstructed genetic information for the missing alleged father against the genetic information of the child.

This test may detect when the grandparents are not the true biological grandparents of the child and has a high probability of providing informative results, even when the alleged father is not available for testing.

Testing Only One Grandparent and the Grandchild

In some situations, only one grandparent is available for testing. When only one grandparent is tested, the missing alleged father's genetic information cannot be fully reconstructed. In such situations, the laboratory will test the single grandparent and the grandchild and then compare their genetic information. Based on the type of genetic material expressed by each individual, the number of genes which are shared, and the pattern of expression of the genetic material, the laboratory will be able to perform a statistical analysis to generate the "grandparentage index". If the grandparentage index is less than 1.00, this indicates that it is more likely that the grandparent and grandchild are not related. However, if the grandparentage index is greater than 1.00, this indicates that it is likely that the grandparent is biologically related to the grandchild.

This type of test is conducted when only one of the two grandparents is available for testing, and is not as powerful as testing both grandparents. Although there is a greater possibility when testing only one grandparent that a conclusive answer cannot be obtained, this test may be able to provide you with an indication of whether the grandparent is more likely to be or not to be the true biological grandparent of the child.

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Step 1 - Order the Test

Order laboratory testing by phone at 1-844-687-5958 or by mail, or click here to order online.

Step 2 - Collect and Submit the Samples to the Laboratory

Kits are delivered to your door within 24 hours by courier or within 5 working days by mail. Each grandparentage test kit comes complete with all of the collection materials and instructions for you to take the test in the privacy of your own home. All grandparentage testing kits employ the buccal swab technique, allowing you to perform the collection within minutes with no fuss, no pain. Submit the DNA specimen directly to the laboratory after collection.

Step 3 - Wait for Results

DNA grandparentage test results are available within 3 to 5 business days and can be obtained as soon as testing is completed using your secure order number and password online or by phone. Formal results documents are delivered to you by mail and / or e-mail.